Turn a Trader Joe’s Southwest Salad It Into the Easiest, Yummiest Taco Salad Ever

Hack a Trader Joe’s Southwest Salad, and Turn It Into the Easiest, Yummiest Taco Salad Ever

Ish. Homemade-ish.

Who doesn’t like the taste of a good homemade dish? I love homemade, but I don’t necessarily always love to make it.

Well, even before I had the kid I was tired, but one thing I do like to do and always have is take something pre-made, especially something from Trader Joe’s, and put my own homemade, fine-tuning spin on it. I like making pre-made meals taste the way I want them to, and it’s kinda fun to make something your own.

I got the idea for this DELISH salad from an Instagram post by vlogger Stephanie Nicole. She posted a taco salad, and the picture made me weak in the knees. I wanted that salad immediately, but I didn’t wanna do a bunch of chopping…

So it was time to hack that ish!

It all starts with a Trader Joe’s Southwest Salad. Then I make my own dressing (I also got the recipe from Stephanie Nicole), add some extra flair, mix it all up, and devour.