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After working with William Wegman for a dog-printed Baker tote bag, Acne Studios returns with another artist collaboration, this time featuring the works of Los Angeles-based artist Grant Levy-Lucero.

Known for his witty interpretations of everyday objects, Levy-Lucero created three exclusive vases for Acne Studios based on well-known laundry brand logos. The ceramics were then transformed into two-dimensional patches and screen prints and placed on long-sleeve T-shirt dresses, striped shirts, crewneck sweatshirts and short-sleeve T-shirts. Two large patches cover the front of 1996 jeans, while Acne Studios’ Musubi bag gets an artistic makeover, printed with all three of the ceramics.

Grant Levy-Lucero talks about the collaboration:

“Bringing together Acne Studios and the commercial emblems of detergent or fabric softener is about an interaction with the everyday. When creating the ceramics, I started to think about fashion and its many cultural relationships, but then there’s all these practical considerations with clothing, too — like laundry. It’s been an inspiring collaboration and I’m looking forward to seeing people in the collection.”

To shop the entire Grant Levy-Lucero x Acne Studios capsule collection, head over to Acne Studios’ website. Products are also available at in-store locations.

Elsewhere, Zadig & Voltaire partnered with the NBA for a basketball-focused Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

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