Deante’ Hitchcock seems to be readying the arrival of a new project. That could be the only logical explanation for his recent onslaught of quality tracks, pairing the cuts with visual supplement and this time around, the southern emcee has dropped off his “Side N*gga Anthem.”

Nothing much to read into the theme of this one as Hitchcock artfully makes use of his talents with the pen to tell the story of the ever-present third party that plagues relationships far and wide.

In the comical clip, we get a cycle of shenanigans as Hitchcock himself plays the role of the “side n*gga” impeding on one coupling while his producer makes a cameo as the “side n*gga” breaking up Hitchcock’s own seemingly happy home. Just in time for the end of the proverbial cuffing season, get into “Side N*gga Anthem” in full down below.

Quotable Lyrics

How you feel, though?
All my old hoes can get the boot like a steel toe
You ain’t truly living
Unless you found the woman you would kill for
For real, though

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