Someone’s going to come along debating the herculean thoughts Juice WRLD exhibits on “Make Believe,” thus forgetting the whole thing was a sordid thought bubble from the start. He succeeds in encapsulating those feelings of rage that often lead to despondency in the long run. For a rapper pushing emo like it’s going out of style, that’s high praise let me tell you.

The team of Jahaan Sweet, TBHits & Boi-1da produced the eerily familiar beat to “Make Believe.” You can view it this way: Juice WRLD demands a simple execution of the sample board from his producers, every last one of them.

On “Make Believe” we get a modernization of the Stan Getz sample made famous in the Pharcyde’s “Runnin’,” oddly enough another record where the “soft boy” mechanics are put to use. The only difference between the J Dilla-produced classic and “Make Believe” is the incantation of Eminem’s “Stan” giving way to an ominous updraft.

Quotable Lyrics:

You walked in, I’m listening to “Stan” on E, yeah, ecstacy
Matter of fact there’s a bridge that my car wants to meet
Road trip on me, it’ll be fun, you’ll see
But you don’t gotta sit in the trunk, you can sit next to me
Me and Stan, we alike, but he ain’t nicer than me.

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