This weekend, New York emcee Pardison Fontaine decided to gift fans with a double feature, dropping off a pair of new tracks, the first of which is featured here as “Rodman.” The more commercial-friendly of the cuts, “Rodman” is an ode to Dennis Rodman, known to be a “dirty” player during his time in the NBA as Pardi raps: “Do dirty work like Rodman/Crack rock, Rolex, diamonds.”

Riding on the wave that came with a hit like the Cardi B-assisted “Backin’ It Up,” Pardison is currently prepping the arrival of a full-length outing, a set that is sure to present the full scope of the range the rapper displays on both his new cuts. Start off with “Rodman” down below. Then, be sure to head over to “Madden Flow.”

Quotable Lyrics

I feel like it’s fake, just tell me it’s real
It’s really big, it’s not a big deal
No, I never killed nobody
But somethin’ about me just tells you I will

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