Fresh off a successful season that birthed a platinum single in his “Backin’ It Up” track, Pardison Fontaine has come through with not one, but two new tracks to appease eager fans waiting on more.

The set is an effective display of the talented emcee’s range. Where “Rodman” flexed on a more infectious hook and catchy one-liners, Fontaine switches things up as he goes straight, no chaser on “Madden Flow” in a manner reminiscent of a triumphant album closer, a chance to get it off the chest before moving onto the next chapter.

It could very well be the signal toward the chapter that most have been eyeing, which is a proper album from the rapper best known for his exceptional work behind the scenes. Until then, of course, get a full taste of “Madden Flow” and double back to “Rodman” upon completion.

Quotable Lyrics

I am the original, the sequel and the spin off
How the fuck y’all gon’ flex on me with some shit that I lent y’all?
When I shoot, I catch a body and knock a limb off
Boy, you a worker, not a bi-doss
This is not a street you wanna cri-doss
This is the flow that had the kid up in Khaled’s crib with the kicks off

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