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Andy Allo offers a sensual music video for her song, “Angels Make Love.” The clip directed by Sean Frank is a celebration of intimacy focused on queer love, as shown in the sultry choreography in which Allo and dancer Khadija Shari intertwine. Lena Waithe, who is a fierce advocate for the representation of the LGBTQ community in entertainment, contributed to the visuals as the executive producer. 

Allo commented on the single produced by Arman Raubitschek, describing it as an illustration of “the first moments you’re intimate with someone and a beautiful expression of falling in love with someone of the same sex.

The Cameroonian entertainer is also known as a Prince collaborator. She toured with the “Purple Rain” artist as a singer and guitarist and enlisted the late musician for some of her songs on Superconductor. She recalled how they played in gender-bending fashion together. “I dressed up as Prince on the Europe tour. I dressed up as him and it was really dark. I wore his light-up shoes and I walked backwards to the front of the stage and everyone thought I was him,” she remembered. 

“The whole crowd just went crazy! I had tied up my hair and then the lights come on and I went into ‘Foxy Lady’ by Jimmy Hendrix. So yeah, it was dope,” Allo continued. “…We actually shared each other’s clothes on tour. It was kind of just a running thing where I would wear some of his clothes and he’d wear some of mine. So it kind of just came about.”

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