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Pro Era affiliate Kirk Knight’s It Is What It Is was a low key banger in 2018. Knight delivered a dark yet introspective sound that cycled through his emotions. After his solo album dropped, Knight, Joey Bada$$, and CJ Fly released “Know the Rules.” The single was included on the rerelease of Pro Era’s Peep The Aprocalypse. If you haven’t had time to check Knight out, it’s never too late. He keeps the hustle going in 2019 with new visuals off It Is What It Is. 

Knight dives into the dark corners of his mind in the music video for “Downfall.” The video begins in a first person view before an animation rips open Knight’s skull. He enters his own mind and saunters through the colorful halls of his conscience. The stress of emotional relationships causes Knight to indulge in some smoking. Marijuana and passions flow as Kirk brings “Downtime” to life.


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