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Lou The Human has been a busy man. For one, the Staten Island rapper has recently lined up a spot on J.I.D’s “Catch Us If You Can” Tour, joining the Dreamville lyricist and Reason for a lengthy string of dates. Now, as the tour kicks off, Lou has come through to deliver a new single, thus giving fans a peek into his new direction. Last we heard from Lou, he was venturing deeper into “emo-rap” territory, a far cry from his seminal style of sinister lyricism. Now, it would appear he has embraced the stylistic change, putting forth another experimental cut in “Make You Sick.” 

The track finds Lou employing a repetitive “yeah” flow, before kicking up the energy for a welcome return to form. “I keep topping myself like I’m Marilyn Manson,” he spits, citing a schoolyard rumor-mill classic. As the track progresses, Lou implements distorted ad-libs, creating a disorienting effect that may or may not alienate listeners. Where do you stand? Is this a style you’d like to see Lou develop? 

Quotable Lyrics

I paint the whole picture, that’s a panorama
Bitch I’m high as hell and I don’t plan on landing
A 2-7 popping myself 
And I just keep topping myself like I’m Marilyn Manson

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