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Today, Planet Giza, a Montreal-based trio made up of Rami B, Tony Stone and Dumix, have dropped off a new single called “Brk Frm Nrml.” The track is set to arrive as part of their Added Sugar album, which is currently in the works. Speaking with Complex, Giza explained that the single is a solid indication of where their heads are sonically at. “[Brk Frm Nrml] set the tone for the direction we wanted to take sonically,” explains the group. “Having Mick Jenkins on the record displaying lyrical prowess changed the whole dynamic of the song.”

Mick Jenkins spoke with Complex about the record, explaining that Planet Giza’s bounce spoke volumes in the wooing process. “‘Brk Frm Nrml’, was quite literally a refreshing vibe from what I was listening to at the time,” he explains. “It’s closer to a soulful sound that I readily identify with so it was easy to hop on this joint floatin’ with a good energy that matched the vibe.” Of course, Mick keeps his pace with another dose of signature dense lyricism and poetic imagery, feeling right at home among like-minded artists. 

Keep a lookout for more from Planet Giza, who are shaping up to drop their Added Sugar project later this year. 

Quotable Lyrics

Five-star restaurants in pajamas
Fuck about a dolphin we swim with pirannahs
What the fuck is caution? Hakuna Matata these days
Snakes in the grass, we move with a lot

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