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The Big Tymers classic anthem “Get Your Roll On” just got a 2019 update. T-Pain spent most of 2018 blessing the world with tracks out of his vault, and he’s back to kick off 2019 with some new heat. Teddy Penderazzdown grabs Tory Lanez for a reincarnated version of the classic entitled “Getcha Roll On.” Teddy opts to keep the chorus very similar, using the same flow minus the bombastic chorus effect that made the Big Tymers classic sound like a mob was yelling along. 

Lanez’s honey sweet vocals mesh well alongside T-Pain’s excited vocals. Both artists lay down lyrics about big booties, big money, and big fun. “Getcha Roll On” is a single off T-Pain’s upcoming 1Up album, which is due out later this year.

Quotable Lyrics
Hey, yeah, I got like four phones
The AC in the Mini Cooper blowing snow cones
I got like five bad chicks, don’t wanna go home
Yeah it’s a vibe, it’s a vibe, I’m so gone

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