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What So Not just released a new production that teeters on the edge of perfection…

“We Can Be Friends” exists in a musical space all its own, with whirling synths, knockout vocals, and much of What So Not’s signature style. Powerhouse vocalist Herizen drives home a riveting emotional message as WSN takes the reigns on the production — and together, it’s simply magic.

“I met [Herizen] on a writing camp in Nicaragua,” What So Not shares on how they linked up. “Soon after we met up in LA. She was in a bit of a state & belted out this chorus over some chords I was playing, first take. It was a very real moment. We caught it & ran with it.”

“I’d been listening to a lot of Dilla,” he explains. “Did some simple drum programming and played in textures and riffs on a Nord. I kept the production light & lush centering the song around the beautiful & haunting vocal.”

As you can hear, this collaboration was meant to be. Listen below and let your heart just melt to the sounds of “We Can Be Friends.”

We Can Be Friends (featuring Herizen)


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: What So Not Drops New Standout Collab “We Can Be Friends” with Herizen [MUST LISTEN]

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